The Most Trusted Boat upholstery Cleaners in Westbury

The maintenance of boat upholstery is much more than the usual periodic washing and wipe downs. Your boats upholstery needs thorough cleaning because it is under the effects of mildew from constant moisture, tough soil and constant foot traffic. Professional upholstery cleaning is a necessity for all your boats, why? This is because the constant moisture, dirt, and other pollutants can affect your health and ruin the life of your boat furniture or upholstery. If you clean your boat upholstery regularly, then rest assured that it will help to maintain their long-term effectiveness. At Westbury Carpet Cleaning, we use safe non-toxic cleaning products to get rid of hard stains, strong odors, and various other pollutants that could affect your health and appearance of your boat.

At Westbury Carpet Cleaning we understand that every type of cleaning is different. Your boats take up constant dirt and that’s why we provide the best boat cleaning services. Our experts first take their time to:

  Identify the areas with problem, such as dirt, spots, odor, and more.
  Use our special hot water extraction method to extract debris and dirt successfully.
  Provide the best clean results with brushing off the stubborn dirt on the surface with abrasives.
  Protect your upholstery, rugs and carpets with sprays that serve as barriers for further stains, dirt, and more.

Boat Rug Cleaning Services

At Westbury Carpet Cleaning, we provide noticeable cleaning services for different kinds of rug. No matter the quality of the fibers, we take our time to use the best cleaning techniques to clean the rugs. Soon, we restore them back to their original pristine appearance. We know that kids and your pets love to sit and play on rugs, and for this reason we use quality products and solutions to clean rugs. We know that the health of our customers is important, so we use environmentally friendly liquids and shampoos to thoroughly wash the rugs. We have high-tech equipment that eliminates every bit of moisture from the rug. Within a short time, we guarantee that your rugs will become dry.

Boat Carpet Cleaning

Carpets in boats face constant moisture, bad sea odor, stains from muddy shoes, food spills and so much more. We can attend to every detail of your carpets to ensure they get back to their original look. Constant moisture on carpets can lead to the growth of mildew, mold, and dust could also lead to the growth of dust mites. Additionally, we know that people work within tight budgets, this is why we offer affordable cleaning charges. For free estimates, more information, and further inquiries, feel free to call us today at our number (516) 400-5592.

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