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A carpet is a utilitarian and aesthetic part of any average home in America. A beautiful and clean carpet can help to brighten up the look of a room, and create a stylish and elegant touch. On the other hand, a poorly cleaned carpet can reflect a bad personality of the owner. Any carpet is meant to serve as a long term investment, however, a carpet can only serve you for a long time if you take proper care of it. In simple words, this means you have to call on professionals to help you clean the carpets with good equipment and products.

We Use Quality Equipment

Carpet cleaning is important, however this doesn’t mean that you clean them all by yourself with products you pick from local grocery stores. If you do, then know that it could lead to other problems like tears through the carpet because of the harsh effects of the chemicals the products contain. The chemicals in some local products not only damage the carpets, but if you inhale them, they can lead to severe cardiovascular and respiratory problems. Luckily, if you call on our professional carpet cleaning services in Westbury, then we can clean your carpets in the most suitable ways. At Westbury Carpet Cleaning, we are equipped with all the essential products that are environmentally safe and friendly. One of the best cleaning methods we use is the “steam cleaning method”. This impressive technology can help to eliminate bacteria and different other pollutants to neutralize the air in your home once again. The dirt factors get out by the use of strong combinations of cleaning solutions, suction and steam. The final result leaves sanitized and clean carpets that appear and feel fresh.

Lesser Time to Dry

At Westbury Carpet Cleaning, we use powerful vacuum systems to extract most (if not all) of the moisture from the carpets. It may feel slightly damp, but that doesn’t mean you can’t walk on it! (Just avoid wearing muddy shoes). To accelerate the time for drying, you can turn on your fans or HVAC systems. Westbury Carpet Cleaning service is convenient, hassle-free and quick. We guarantee that the carpets we clean will take a shorter time to dry as compared to when you attempt a DIY cleaning task.

Once we finish cleaning your carpets, you will notice their original, and bright appearance once again! A nationwide operating company in the United States, we are proud to let you know that we offer prices that will fit perfectly within your budget. All you need to do is call at (516) 400-5592, and our experts will give you free estimates and more details about our carpet cleaning services.

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