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Most of us spend lots of time into cleaning our homes and ensuring that they appear beautiful. This means that we attend to dirty things once we spot them. However, when it comes to cleaning mattresses, homeowners tend to overlook its cleanliness. You may not be aware of this but there are some microscopic mites that can grow in your pillows, mattresses, carpets, blankets, and other places. One of places that dust mites grow in larger numbers is in mattresses. Yes, your mattresses are more susceptible to dust mite and bed bug infestation. Dust mites are invisible to the naked eye, but they primarily live and breed in mattresses. Why so? Dust mites feed on our dead skin cells and multiply in numbers. Dust mites thrive better in moist and warm conditions, and the dead ones, along with their feces serve as allergens that can cause respiratory problems in people including rhinitis, asthma and dermatitis. Definitely, no one likes to sleep on a mattress that can serve as the breeding ground for such pests. That’s why it is best that you contact on professional mattress cleaning services. At Westbury Carpet Cleaning, you will be glad to know that mattress cleaning services can tackle dirt, dander, dust mites, bed bugs, stains, and odors in the best ways to eliminate them completely. We have qualified, well-trained professionals who can clean your mattresses with high-tech equipment and methods.

A “Different” Living Area with Old Upholstery

Westbury Carpet Cleaning provides professional mattress cleaning services with the use of deep steam, organic, and safe shampoo products for different mattress types. Our thorough cleaning techniques can reach even the most sharp edges or hard to reach corners. Our organic cleaning products will leave good and refreshing scents behind. You can rest assured that our cleaning products won’t leave behind any stains or residues. We take our time to thoroughly clean mattresses, eliminate dust mites, bed bugs, and other agents that could have severe effects on your health. We also guarantee that our services will leave you happy. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and if at any stage you aren’t happy with our services, we will readily clean the mattress again for you.

Flexible Services

We offer free estimates for our commercial, residential customers. We work within your budget and time to ensure that you remain happy with the services we provide. Your convenience matters to us, that’s why we also offer round the clock mattress cleaning services. You can either choose our in-house or on-site services, depending on your convenience. For mattress cleaning services that are safe for you and your family, feel free to call us today at (516) 400-5592.

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