Superior Rug Cleaning Services at Westbury Carpet Cleaning

Superior Rug Cleaning Services at Westbury Carpet Cleaning
No matter the type of rug you own in your home, you will see that our experts at Westbury Carpet Cleaning are qualified and fully-equipped to handle the cleaning job. From oriental to Persian, handmade, machine made and heirloom rugs, we have the right skills to handle even the most delicate fibers of your area rugs. Rest assured that our technicians will handle your valuable rugs with utmost skill and care. We can help you by keeping your rugs in their new, top-notch conditions and ensure that they serve you for a longer time.

Our Rug Cleaning Specialty

As a part of rug cleaning services, we are proud to also offer you the following services to ensure that your rugs remain clean and tidy in your comfortable home.
  Deep Vacuuming
  Spot and stain removal
  Pet stain and odor removal
  Rug repair
  Free pickup and delivery
  Organic rug cleaning.

We Use Superior Cleaning Techniques

At Westbury Carpet Cleaning, we know that each kind of rug comes with different fiber quality. This is why we treat, clean, care, and pay special attention to each one of them individually. Our skilled and experienced technicians can evaluate the amount of damage and then decide on which cleaning method works the best to suit the quality of your rug. They pay attention to the particular dyes, fibers, and other factors like foot traffic, sunlight exposure, location and more. The first process we undertake is to thoroughly clean your rugs by using a dusting machine, which works perfectly to remove any bit of soil. We then use organic, non-toxic, safe cleaning products to soak your rugs and eliminate any dirt, stain, or odor.

We Hand Wash and Clean Delicate Rugs

Depending on how delicate the fibers of your rug, to ensure it doesn’t tear in the machine cleaning process, we insist on cleaning the rugs by hand due to the delicate nature of the fibers. We first begin the process by inspecting the rugs and then our qualified technicians will pinpoint the precise dyes and fibers that make your rug. Accordingly, they select the best cleaning framework to clean your rugs. At this stage, we can also take care of the repairs and grooming of your rugs. The last stage of the cleaning process we pay special attention to is the drying. Within a short time, we assure you that your rugs will become dry and you can once again show off a rich looking rug that boasts soft to the touch texture and bright colors. For rug cleaning services in Westbury, free estimates, our cleaning methods, or any information at all, please feel free to call us today at (516) 400-5592.

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